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Simple online ordering. Save money by buying direct and installing yourself. Easy how-to guides provided. Proudly 100% Australia made & owned.

Shipping included to Melbourne and Geelong Metro Areas

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We ship to Melbourne and Geelong Metro Areas

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Free Delivery

Your brand-new blinds will be hand delivered straight to your door. Greet us at the arranged time window to ensure the blinds arrive with no hassle.

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Custom Made

Blinds are manufactured to your specifications. Custom fabrics, custom colours, custom sizes – all selected by you and based on your lifestyle needs.


Quality Materials

Our materials are the best in the industry. We don’t cut corners in quality. Heavy duty canvas and mesh fabrics designed for the Australian climate.


Easy Installation

Easy to follow how-to guides for DIY installation and a sense of accomplishment!

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Exceptional Service

All the information you’ll need is at your fingertips. From the moment your order hits the high-tech manufacturing facility in Tullamarine, the clock (with your name on it) is ticking!

Our Products

Auto Lock-Arm Awning

From $325.00

Straight Drop Awning

From $339.00

Fixed Guide Awning

From $392.00

Ziptrak® Blinds

From $565.00

How it Works

You Measure, You Choose, You Order, You Install!
Our friendly step-by-step guides make measuring, ordering & installing your blinds easy. Save time and money by dealing directly with us.



Follow our step-by-step guides on how to measure for your outdoor blinds. We’ll show you what to look out for to make sure your order is right.


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The ordering process is designed to ensure you don’t forget anything along the way. Once you’ve placed what you’ve chosen into the cart, you’re just about done.



Easy step-by-step guides on how to install. We’ve learnt a lot of tricks over the years and we’ve done the hard yards for you. Take your time and beautiful blinds will be your reward!

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You’ll be thrilled with the amount you’ll save. No retail overheads; shop, rent, staff, product displays, lighting, salespeople and installers. This saving goes directly to your pocket.

Getting Started

Buying outdoor blinds was once a long-winded process that went something like this: arrange to meet with a salesperson at your home; negotiate a price; being put under pressure to take the “deal of the day”; wait for the installers to make time in their schedule to install the blinds. ABX has completely simplified this process, removing both the salesperson and the installer. For you, this means time and money saved!

Awing Blinds Express – Melbourne, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne Northern Suburbs, Melbourne West, Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast Areas

Welcome to Awning Blinds Express.

ABX has been setup for you; we provide you with the ability in purchasing & installation of your new outdoor blinds.

We make it easier to install the blinds yourself, buy providing you with step-by-step instructional guides; you’ll feel the sense of great accomplishment. More importantly, you’ll save yourself by not paying for sales & installation costs.

At Awning Blinds Express,  we understand that hmaking contact with salespeople can be daunting task. The questions you get bombarded with can be totally unexpected and over-the-top. You don’t need a salesperson in your home to put you under pressure because they have a “great deal” on the day. You’ll hear things like, “You need to sign now, tomorrow this deal is gone…!”, “The boss has given me the authority to give you this price, but it’s only valid for today…!”

You deserve the opportunity to take all the time in the world to research your ideal blinds before making a final decision. Our website provides all the answers you need, and we’re here to answer any more questions if and when you need us.